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Motorcycle National 4 environmental regulations will be implemented, what kind o

Time:2019-04-29 16:32:26 Hits:1070

On August 30, 2016 , the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued five new standards for pollutant discharge, including the national four standards for motorcycles and mopeds to promote technological advancement and structural optimization of motorcycles and related industries.

Although China's motorcycle ownership is among the best in the world, there is still a gap between the overall technology and emission control in developed countries, and the emission limits in the newly formulated National 4 environmental regulations are based on the Euro IV stage. Emission regulations, and to meet this condition, only motorcycles with closed-loop EFI technology can meet emission requirements.


Speaking of this, I have to mention the PGM-FI ( Programd Fuel Injection ) program in the EFI to control the fuel injection system.

This technology is an EFI system developed by Honda. It was applied to automobiles and large-displacement motorcycles in the early days. It can atomize and adjust fuel according to the specific conditions such as exhaust conditions, engine revolutions and engine oil temperature. After the air-fuel ratio is injected into the cylinder, this technology can not only improve the burning rate of gasoline, but also maximize the transmission of the power system, such as the first generation CX500TURBO with PGM- FI system . More importantly, it is more energy efficient than traditional carburetor models!


Honda is equipped with a PGM-FI EFI system for small-displacement models sold in China . Compared with the traditional carburetor models mentioned above, it saves up to 30% in fuel consumption and reduces exhaust emissions by 7%. Ten or more.



Listening is very simple. In fact, PGM-FI EFI was a very complicated system at that time. The injection work was decided according to the various operating conditions of the engine. Therefore, the ECU collects the signal actuators fed back by each sensor according to the command. Accurate injection of fuel inside the engine and precise ignition.

In addition, the PGM-FI EFI system can be started according to the environment, whether it is a long-term vehicle or a low temperature environment, there is no need to worry about the difficulty of starting the carburetor vehicle. So in the current Honda car or motorcycle, or even the MotoGP factory car, you can see this mature technology in them.



The success of the PGM-FI EFI system has allowed Honda to more actively develop products that are more environmentally friendly and more fun to drive. Last year, Honda's domestically-sold model NS110I was equipped with a three-second start-stop ESP machine pulse ignition and idling-stop idle - speed technology. This is the automatic start-stop technology that only the high-end models will match in the automotive field. The goal is to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and reduce emissions to improve fuel economy.


When the red light is waiting for three seconds, the vehicle idle speed will automatically turn off and enter the waiting state. When the green light is on, the throttle engine will be activated when the green light is turned on. The technology is applied with the Honda PGM-FI5.0 system. Save more than 16% and make the slogan of energy saving and environmental protection the ultimate.


In addition, under the support of ACG silent start technology, when the idle speed is turned off and restarted, it can also start the engine directly with a smooth start. There is no noise when the traditional vehicle start gear meshes, which makes the process smoother and quieter.


The picture above shows the home generator of the livestock electric unit that supplies power to Honda's original sine wave inverter technology.

In the current environment where the global environment is at risk, Honda, as the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, has been working hard on the development and delivery of environmental technologies and products to provide consumers with safer and more fun “travel partners”. This move is also worth learning. It is the responsibility of every car manufacturer and every consumer to comply with environmental regulations and protect the environment.