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Warmly celebrate the success of Ningbo Youwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. w

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Warmly celebrate the success of Ningbo Youwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. website!

Ningbo Youwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sensor manufacturer integrating R&D, design, manufacture and sales. Its main products include automotive oxygen sensor and motorcycle oxygen sensor and exhaust temperature sensor forheavy trucks . The product has high technical content, unique manufacturing process and stable performance. The company has a professional technical team with rich experience, full energy and independent research and development capabilities. At present, most of the products produced by the company have obtained patents, and its strong technical strength has been favored by many well-known foreign automobile and motorcycle companies.

The company also has a marketing and service team that is united, hardworking, honest, pragmatic, energetic and pioneering. The main members of the company's management team are from internationally renowned companies in the automotive industry. They have extensive experience in corporate management, product design and production process. The company's core philosophy of consistent implementation is quality, integrating quality into every aspect of the company's operations, and fulfilling its commitments with action. In production management, we introduced the IATF16949 quality operation system, scientific management, established a complete production line, and perfect testing methods to ensure sufficient capacity and stable and reliable quality, and strive to provide customers with high-quality professional products. And service, to win the respect and trust of customers with sincerity and quality; in team building, the company trusts the efforts and dedication of employees, respects the labor and rights of employees, and goes all out to create a good working environment and development platform for employees.

Ningbo Youwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to provide high-quality parts and components to the whole vehicle industry, and is committed to promoting industrial upgrading and optimization, striving to become a reliable supporting supplier and partner of customers, and to create a national brand that is worthy of the pride of the people. struggle.