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What is an automotive oxygen sensor?

Time:2019-04-30 08:16:03 Hits:457

Automotive oxygen sensor is a key feedback sensor in the control system of EFI engine. It is a key component to control vehicle exhaust emissions, reduce vehicle pollution to the environment, and improve the combustion quality of automobile engine fuel. The oxygen sensor has two kinds of zirconia and titanium dioxide.

The oxygen sensor uses ceramic sensitive components to measure the oxygen potential in various heating furnaces or exhaust pipes. The corresponding oxygen concentration is calculated by the chemical equilibrium principle to monitor and control the combustion air-fuel ratio in the furnace to ensure product quality and exhaust emission standards. Measuring components are widely used in various types of coal combustion, oil combustion, gas combustion and other furnace atmosphere control.

The oxygen sensor is used for electronically controlling the fuel injection device's feedback control system to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas and the air-fuel ratio, and to monitor the combustion of the theoretical air-fuel ratio (14.7:1) in the engine and deliver it to the computer. Feedback signal.